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Sheet Metal Forming and Springback Analysis Software Tools

eta/DYNAFORM Modules


blank size estimation

Quickly unfold flanges and flatten 3D part geometry to produce a blank outline for blank size estimation. along with piece price and scrap calculation.  Product feasibility and cost analysis can be evaluated along with piece price and scrap calculations using BSE.   


Apply 2D and 3D trim profiles to flat blanks and between/after forming operations to allow for more accurate tooling interference and springback analysis. Supports lancing analysis as well as trim-line optimization.

formability simulation

Use LS-DYNA for accurate mechanical modeling, efficient calculation and in-depth analysis of die design formability. Forming Limit Diagram (FLD), thinning maps and additional analyses help to identify design weaknesses before production.

die evaluation

D-Eval was specially created to support and analyze CAD based tooling  designs and is tailored to support engineers in the early stages of the product design cycle.  D-Eval includes the INCSolver, allowing engineers to generate reliable formability results in a shorter response time.

springback and compensation

The user may determine and simulate the amount of springback and apply appropriate tooling compensation; simply define the selected tool to be compensated in SCP and the required target geometry. 

Die system analysis

The Finite Element Analysis approach to die system design is an efficient way to predict and resolve many stamping related concerns within the die production line through the analysis of scrap shedding/removal, structural integrity and sheet metal transferring/handling.